JK News Today

Jammu, December 25: State President of Shiv Sena (Bala Sahib Thackery) Dimpy Kohli today strongly criticizes National Vice President of Shiv Sena (Hindustan) Pandit Rajesh Kesari for calling militiant Burhan Wani as Martyr and made a appeal to district administration to ban the party for hurting the sentiments of ‘Nationalist’.

While talking to media persons here at Jammu Dimpy Kohli siad that Pandit  Rajesh Kesari on his tour to Srinagar has termed Burhan Wani a Martyr which is a big crime and Police must book him under appropriate laws. He said that senior leader of Mumbai based right wing political party Shiv Sena Hindustan (SSH) on last Thursday termed slain militant commander Burhan Wani as “martyr”.

He said while addressing the media Pandit Kesari at several times repeated the term “Martyr” for Burhan Wani and for other civilians killed during 2016 summer unrest, saying “government must pay compensation of Rs 50 lakhs to each victim family.”

Dimpy said that this is big episode when one leader of Shiv Sena Hindustan termed militant as martyr and made a appeal to ban Shiv Sena Hindustan with immediate effect and must book Pandit Rajesh Kesari as he has done a big crime.