JK News Today

Kishtwar August 31:

In order to express their solidarity with striking MGNREGA employees, BDC Chairpersons, PRIs of Doda District today held protest in support of MGNREGA Employees which was held at District Headquarter Doda where in BDC Chairpersons and PRIs also participated.
BDC Chairperson Block Gundna Sarshad Natnoo, told the JKNT that “their demands are genuine, as these people have given their golden period of life to this department, but still government has not framed any policy to secure their future as they are working round the clock for the betterment of Panchayats on meager salaries which is less than a labour, these employees are on protest since 16th of this month and due to their protest all the works has been stopped in panchayats and almost working in all panchayats are suffering badly, he further warns the government, if their legitimate demands will not meet within time they will also join their protest along with PRIs.
President Panchayat Association Doda Sajad Ahmed Mir told that”MGNREGA employees are the backbone of the department and they remain available every time for work, they played an important role at the time of Pendamic (COVID-19) they works in all sectors and for the successful implementation of the schemes at Grass Root Level runs by the Department but after their pen down protest, smooth working of the Panchayats has suffered badly, we request the Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor and Worthy Commissioner Secretary Rural Development to consider their genuine demands so that they can resume their duties”.
Others who were present are BDC Chairperson Bhalla Smt. Nosheena Begum, BDC Chairperson Thatri Muzaffer Ahmed Bagwan, BDC Chairperson Dali Udhyanpur Shabir Ahmed Naik, Sarpanch Halqa Panchayat Gundna Mohd Shafi, Sarpanch Halqa Panchayat Jatheli Abdul Qayoum, Sarpanch Halqa Panchayat Gadi A Gullair Singh, Sarpanch Halqa Panchayat Muthi B Joginder Singh, Sarpanch Halqa Panchayat Pranoo Farooq Ahmed, Sarpanch Halqa Panchayat Gai A Hemraj Thakur, Sarpanch Halqa Panchayat Thrown Riaz Ahmed Zargar and many more.