J K News Today

Jammu, July 9:

Th killing of a BJP leader ad two of his kin in their shop in Bandipore town last night had all the tell-tale signs of Pakistan’s involvement in this gruesome act of terror This was a sheer reflection of Pakistan’s frustration from all sides as Kashmiris have turned their back to it.

BJP leader Wasim Bari, his brother and father were killed by Pakistan backed terrorists who wanted to kill the men who represented a nationalistic ideology in Kashmir and stood by the Indian tricolor. This was clear from the choice of their targets- a political leader whose ideology a politics was driven by patriotism, nationalism, and above all who represented the political existence in Kashmir.

While the police will investigate about the murder, how and why of it, but certain things are clear from the style of the violence that killed Bari and his immediate kin. Pakistan was behind it.

Pakistan had been suffering losses as the security forces had mounted an intensive campaign against the militants-more than 130 of them have been killed this year so far- the killing of militants sends two clear messages (a) the militancy has no future, it cuts down on everything not only the life of the young militants but also the dreams of their parents. Secondly, it is telling Pakistan that its designs to put young lives at risk to stir trouble in the Kashmir Valley would be defeated.

This is what is causing huge problem to Pakistan that has been working to cause bloodletting in Kashmir since 1947 to keep Jammu and Kashmir in deep trouble. Its proxy war has intensified after it lost all wars with India and its plans to annex Kashmir failed by all the tools it employed.

When all its designs were failing, it has further intensified the campaign against all those who represent signs of democracy. There is nothing but a design by Pakistan to target the political leadership.

Significant is that it is targeting the young leaders, whether it was Sarpanch Ajay Pandith in Anantnag last month or Wasim Bari in Bandipore last evening.