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Jammu, March 16 : Bhartiya Janata Party president J P Nadda on Friday lashed out at Rahul Gandhi , calling him as part of the anti-national toolkit that is seeking to undermine sovereignty of India .
Ahead of the start of the Parliament session on Friday, BJP president posted a video message on his twitter handle , in which he accused Rahul Gandhi of seeking intervention of the European countries in the internal matters of the country .” It’s deplorable that Rahul Gandhi sad that there is no democracy in Inia , it’s an insult to the 1.30 billion people of the country, the Indian parliament and all the constitutional institutions “
Nadda reiterated his party’s demand that Rahul Gandhi should apologize to the nation and the Parliament for his anti-national remarks
The BJP president’s fresh call for an apology to the nation to Rahul Gandhi, came a day after Congress leader dared the government to let him speak in the Parliament. Rahul Gandhi at a press conference on Thursday had said that , “ it would be a test pf democracy.”
Nadda also claimed that Gandhi was also insulting the elected majority government and 130 crore Indians. “What is this if not strengthening the traitors? Rahul Gandhi on foreign soil said that democracy has finished in India and Europe and the US should intervene. What could be more shameful than this?” the BJP president said in a video conference.
“At a time when India is becoming the 5th largest economy in the world and G20 meetings are being held here, Rahul Gandhi on foreign soil is insulting the nation and the Parliament,” Nadda added.
The senior BJP leader also asked why do Hungarian-American businessman George Soros and Gandhi speak the same language. “Why do Pakistan and Congress speak similarly?” Nadda asked.