Binoo Joshi

JK News Today

Jammu, December 31

The e opening day of the budget session of the Jammu and Kashmir legislature  will be an extraordinary day in the history of the state, particularly  as it starts   technically  immediately after the  end of 2016 , but the shadows of the past year would be  all over in the proceedings . This would cloud the  proposed roadmap of the year 2017 .

Using the cliché that the  session would be stormy   is like   throwing a blanket over the real issues that the legislature  would be debating  to find a way out  of the crisis that the state has been throughout the previous year – from beginning to the end.

The year had started with  the  chief minister  Mufti Mohammad Sayeed in hospital , days before his death  on January 7. And at the  end ,  it is in a state of siege with the protests refusing to  go away from the Valley . Worse still, the whole  state is in a thickening  and fearsome  shadow of  uncertainty .

The lawmakers from both sides of  benches in the legislature have readied themselves  with all the ammunition  to fire against each other from inescapable  discussion on the Kashmir unrest – a blot on  Kashmir where  death census , count of injuries and those who lost  eyes  or suffered irreparable injuries – with the promise of “ azadi” being in  sight having collapsed virtually.   It is a fact that stands  out .

Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti did not take upon herself the responsibility  of the things going wrong .  She traced the  “   the recent turmoil  in Kashmir  to  a decade-long political drought from 2005 to 2015, when no State specific   Confidence  Building measures were taken.” This is a very selective approach , to  say the least.   In the  translation  of events, it means  that till Mufti Mohammad Sayeed ruled ( from November 2002 to November 2005), everything was hunky dory, thereafter the state slid into chaos .  And nothing happened  thereafter.

But what happened in 2015,  when Mufti came back to power and later when she succeeded him   after his  death  in April 2016 . There are questions and questions only , and she would have to find  genuine and  convincing answers .

The opposition would also have to answer a lot of questions . About  their role in the  disturbances , and why did they fail to  appeal even once to  the stone throwing cr0wds. They   shed their tears  for the  dead and the injured, but  distanced themselves completely  from  any peace making efforts.

Less said about the BJP, the  better . Whenever BJP speaks it embarrasses itself and its voters . They have no  commitment or conviction  toward their constituents , ideology . Their  all- time objective is  to remain in power. Observers are apprehensive that the budget session would demonstrate that in plenty.

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