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Jammu, January 19

National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has disclosed that 9.2 km long Chenani-Nashri road tunnel is in final stage and will be open for general public soon.

Hem Raj, Regional Officer, NHAI Jammu- who has been entrusted with the responsibilities for execution of important work namely Chenani – Nashri Tunnel Project in a press statement informed that the Project is at its advance stage of completion/testing and commissioning.

“Our endeavor is to ensure that this tunnel is put to use by the road users at the earliest,” Regional Officer said.

As on date, NHAI is in the final phase of installation/testing/commissioning of various safety equipments/systems inside the tunnel further It has is also stated that the traffic is strictly prohibited inside the tunnel.

“Passage of traffic through the tunnel at this stage affects the testing works which have bearings on overall completion of the work as well as safety/security of the road users and the equipments and manpower working inside the tunnel,” said Hem Raj , Regional Officer, NHAI.

“Allowing any single outside vehicle inside the tunnel will lead to an unsafe situation till the safety systems are in place duly tested/certified by the appropriate authorities,” he added.

In view of above, Regional Officer, NHAI Jammu humbly requests cooperation from the people of J&K including administrative officials for not forcing upon us/ representatives of Concessionaire through administrative official or political contacts, to pass through the tunnel, till the ‘Final testing/Commissioning of the Project is achieved since required systems inside the tunnel are not yet fully functional/operational