Binoo Joshi

J K News Today  Commentary


Monday’s clashes  at Galwan Valley  heights in eastern Ladakh , China  is trying to put blame on India . The world  looks  it as an aggression by  China – the world view  is having solid After basis .

First of first facts is  that  until May beginning , there was no dispute or no contest over the boundary in Ladakh region or elsewhere along the Line of Actual Control . Everything was smooth and Indian people were going up to the heights , Chinese never disrupted their movement .

China intruded into the Indian territory. That was the provocation . China  should have pulled back without causing any trouble. But it persisted with its  designs to pursue its territorial ambitions . In the modern-day , nothing can remain hidden  from the world view even if China  tries  as desperately as it does always , to keep things under wraps . And, if  any proof is needed, it has not disclosed the casualties it suffered at Galwan  Valley heights.

The Wall Street Journal  in its Thursday’s editorial “The-China-India  Clash” while referring to the clashes , wrote : “Monday’s skirmish  along the China-India border was the deadliest in decades. It’s impossible to confirm what triggered the fighting , but the big picture is clear: Tensions between  New Delhi  and Beijing are escalating while the latter steps up its regional bullying.”

The newspaper went on to recount that  both the countries have accused each other of instigating the confrontation, “but the clash fits China’s recent habit  of pressing  territorial claims on all fronts.”

The newspaper’s editorial has also  noted that  how China has militarized artificial islands in South China sea.

China’s bullying tactics  are known the world over.

Beijing cannot hide its deteriorating relations  with the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia and many other countries in  Europe , by resorting to provocations  at the LAC. It should become realistic and translate its words of having good relations with India by gong back to the pre-May beginning positions .

That’s the only way for it to retrieve its image in the world. Somewhat .