JK News Today
Jammu, April 15:
Taking pleadge of security to each and every girl at Jammu, civil society members today organised a communal harmony walk for Asifa.
A ‘Sarv Dharma walk’ followed by candle light and prayer for the minor soul and impartial justice to her and punishment to all accused organised this evening in Jammu.
The responsible , enlightened civil society for solidarity and communal harmony organised the walk in one voice against Kathua Rape and murder case and also against the politics playing in this issue.
Participants carrying National flag, Saffron Flag, Khalsa flag, Islamic Flag, Budhist Flag and sent the message that we may come from different religions but we all are one against this social crime and not allowed outsiders from Jammu to give wrong colours to anything happened in Jammu. But all Jammu people stand for justice to Asifa.