JK News Today

Jammu, December 24

The state unit of Congress  has accused the BJP of double speak  with regard to  West Pakistan Refugees.

Ravinder Sharma, Chief Spokesperson of PCC   asked: “ what happened to the  promise of granting citizenship  and voting rights to West Pakistan Refugees, while the BJP  has just satisfied itself by giving them  just identity cards.”

Reacting to the contradictory statements of the PDP & BJP, the two coalition partners in the government on the issue, Sharma, said that  “BJP should acknowledge and admit that it has been exploiting the West Pakistan refugees throughout, for their vote bank politics.”

He said that from citizenship and voting rights to domicile certificate and now merely identity certificate, is nothing but making fool of them.  “BJP owes an explanation, when its in power both at Centre and in the State, as to why it is not in a position get the public commitment to the West  Pakistan Refugees fulfilled. It shows the double standards and politics of exploitation of the BJP, like it did on the slogan of removing  ‘ Dou Vidhan-Dou Nishan’  of late Shyma Prasad Mukherjee but surrendered the slogans for the sake of power.”

“The two ruling partners have a match fixing to address their respective constituencies on almost every crucial issue and speak in different languages to hoodwink the respective electorate knowing fully the dimensions of political situations in the state,” he said.

Sharma favoured  dignified and humane approach to the sensitive issue of West Pakistan Refugees residing in the  state for the last seventy years and asked parties and people of different shades to rise above political considerations to resolve the issue.


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