JK News Today ( Exclusive)


Srinagar ,  December  20

As the things were deteriorating in Kashmir due to the unrest and spree of killings  owing to the mounting anger  against the  “ excessive use of force”, a proposal was  mooted  to have a “consensus” government   in Jammu and  Kashmir .

As New Delhi was clueless in regard to containing the trouble  in Kashmir that  was  suffused  all over  and among all age groups  , a proposal was  floated that a consensus government of all the mainstream parties should be formed to subside the  anger  in streets and  instill some kind of confidence .

It was felt that BJP was proving to be irrelevant in the Valley. Its name  was an anathema for the Kashmiri Muslims. PDP was finding itself on  back foot with mobs torching  and attacking the houses of PDP leaders and workers. Congress and National Conference were relishing the uncomfortable situation in which Chief Minister  Mehbooba Mufti was squirming . To erase all this, and to show to the  people that it was the government of all parties to whom they had voted during the elections , New Delhi mulled the idea of  an all party government.

However, when this idea was shared with the men who matter in Kashmir and  keen observer of events in the Valley, New Delhi was cautioned against any such experiment.   Delhi  was told that there would be “ disastrous consequences” of upsetting this political apple cart.

The experiment that the Rajiv Gandhi government had  undertaken with  National Conference- Congress alliance  in November 1986, courtesy the  unwritten Farooq-Rajiv Accord , had choked the political space. The political buffer of the mainstream had disappeared and the Muslim  United Front occupied that space.

The point was understood in time and the proposal was shut before it became public, the sources said.