JK News Today

Jammu, December 19

Half of the  Indian youth want to leave the country for better avenues elsewhere for they find  their native country deprived of educational, employment and gender equality opportunities.

This has been revealed in a survey conducted by  Hindustan Times –MaRs  across the country. This is damning indictment of the “ demographic dividend” that the leaders of this country had been boasting of. Half  of the Indian population of 1.2 billion  is of the age group below 26.

The youth do not  believe  “ India is their irrefutable  homeland, and will be more than happy  to live elsewhere.”

The survey  conclusions were summed up by the newspaper on its Front page ,  “ An overwhelming percentage , about three-fourths say they find this country  at best “ acceptable.”  Most of them  rate  it poor on gender equality , employment opportunity, educational opportunity and freedom enjoyed by the youth .”

According to this survey, it’s  not just  the  national sentiment has weakened ; the concept of true , everlasting love has also taken a big beating . Just about  a  fifth of   men and women think  their current relationship  will go the distance ; more than  half think it will not.”

The survey has  observed that , “ optimism is not running high .A  high percentage of men and a higher percentage of wmen-62.8 %and 66.1%, respectively – have no hope that something good is going to happen to this country soon.”  They want a superman as Prime Minister to set things right.

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