Dr. Harshdeep Joshi

India is known not only  for it’s rich culture and diversity but since a decade has been haven of crime and criminals. The land of Budha is growing into a violent society. As India pushes to become a developed nation , crime is also making it’s place in this country which will impede it’s progress and will keep it away from flourishing .

Crime and criminality have co- existed in our society . As per latest National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) data, in 2014, there were 33,981 cases of murder reported, 41,791 cases of attempt to murder, 36,735 cases of rape, 82,235 cases of attempt to outrage modesty of women, 77,237 cases of kidnapping and abduction, amongst the more serious crimes.The worst  hit are women in our society .Time has helplessly seen them falling victim of exploitation, degradation , honour killings. Despite existing laws and regulations against crimes, India has not been successful in getting rid of this menace .

Crime has always been inextricably linked to greed of money . Competition , anger and greed breed crime and criminals  Urbanization is on rise because of which slums have erupted in metros and other cities of India. Leaving warmth of village and arriving in big cities give innocent people a culture shock who often find it hard to cope up with stress of metros .Attempt to enhance quality of life and eager desire and greed for  money is producing  crime and criminals. Also Elite class , major holder of black money  has furiously contributed to crime .

India came to stand still on 8/11/16 after announcement of ban of 500 and 1000 rupee note. There was chaos, hue and cry . People were taking desperate steps to bring that money into use .But no one realized that this cry was less intense hidden cries due to crime in India. This is a welcome step not only to abolish menace of black money but will help in eliminating serious crimes like killings, ransom , abductions .

Demonetization of 500 and 100 rupee note is a welcome step not only  towards corruption free India  but towards a crime free India as well. Eliminating high denomination, high value notes  would make life harder for those pursuing financial crime, terrorism, kidnappings and other crimes.  Introduction of new and sophisticated currency notes would increase the cost of illicit activities and  chances of such people to come into scrutiny and be liable to detection would be more .

Hoping for a sigh of relief from crimes and criminals . Such steps although sound harsh and drastic but will enable us to breathe in a crime and corruption free India.