Binoo Joshi

J K News Today Special

National Security Advisor Ajit Doval has demonstrated that certain roles can be played by maintaining silence instead of making loud noises ; it was clear during his interaction with the visiting Afghan delegation led by its chief negotiator Abdullah Abdullah in which peace in the trouble-torn country remained the top talking point .

Doval impressed upon the visitors that peace in Afghanistan was of a great importance for India , as this country has always believed in fostering peace through reconciliation . Without saying it too loudly in public, Doval has said that , for India peace matters the most, and it is also imperative for Afghans currently engaged in the intra-Afghan talks that their country is rid of stigma of being hub of terrorism once and for all.

The visit of Abdullah Abdullah and his delegation to Delhi on Wednesday underscored a major point that without the backing of India , the real negotiations and positive outcomes were not possible , because Delhi’s only interest is peace and development in Afghanistan . Unlike Pakistan that has always sought strategic depth in Afghanistan and sent its trained militants , better known as Taliban , to Afghanistan . It is Taliban that hosted Al-Qaeda that is now the global terror network, and Islamic State too has found its foothold in Afghanistan courtesy Pakistan that is not interested in return of peace in the region . Afghanistan has become a milking cow for Pakistan , and it milks it through its proxies.

Afghans know that who is interested in real peace in the region. India that has ha centuries old relations with Afghanistan , perhaps is the only country that has invested in the development and peace in Afghanistan. Doval, who knows everything about the region has given a fillip to the hopes of the Afghan people . He has commuted their hopes with his promise to push for peace in Afghanistan