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Srinagar, December 11: The social media is abuzz after a video showing a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DySP) peeling off the tint from the vehicle of Vice Chancellor of University of Kashmir emerged last evening.

The video shows the DySP checking the papers of Vice Chancellor Khurshid Andarbi’s vehicle and later peeling off the tint from windows of the vehicle. The incident happened at national highway in Udhampur district.

The state High Court had ordered removal of black tint from vehicle windows in 2012.

The video shows the Vice Chancellor as saying that “if I would have carried escorts along, you would not have dared to do this.” The DySP responds by saying: I am doing my duty.

The video evoked a mix of comments on social media sites as netizens were divided in their opinion.

Here is a peep into how people reacted on social media:

Ajmal Shah: A news, that has been making rounds in the public domain and social media since the morning is ‘ A Dy.SP of the J&K Police, tore off the black film from the car of Vice Chancellor Kashmir University. Why shouldn’t the police officer flaunt, when he is doing a fabulous job? It was absolutely a step worth flaunting. Mr. Vice Chancellor, we are sorry, but contrarily you definitely posses a colonial mindset.

Farhat Nazki: Cant understand why has respected VC Sahib gone so hyper. The officer is doing what he is supposed to do hardly matters if he is doing it for show off of he is really performing his duties. The VC Sahib has broken D law and D officer on duty is simply correcting it

Junaid Muhammad: Officers like these make me realize,there are still good people back at home who want to make valley a good place to live, others are just corrupt-ridden bodies

Manzoor Bhat: Not good. No respect for VC. If he would have done same with any minister, then he would have been behind bars. Shame for such disgusting act. We have lost respect for educationists. These vehicles are being provided by government.

Javed Khan: Dont you people understand how it was all filmed. Then sent to a news channel. How he tried to find a little lack in the documents. Thank God he is VC, otherwise, I fear he would have been also charged as a Terrorist !

Fouad Farooq: Great job by the Police. Rules should be for everyone whether he is a KU VC or DC. I dont understand why KU VC is complaining about colonial attitude when he himself implements that in KU.