JK News Today

Jammu, April 13:

State Government has no record about the outsiders staying in the 21 un-authorised colonies in Jammu City.

However, many times the question of legalization of un-authorised colonies has been raised by the elected representatives of Jammu City in front of the state government, but government has yet to set up any deadline and the project is even not moving on fast pace to do this urgent and necessary work to legalize these colonies, so that the residents of these colonies can get proper residential colony benefits.

Not only this, the state government already said in the floor of the house that no colony in Jammu City has been regulasised during last ten years and the demand for regularization of 21 colonies are pending the Urban Development Department comprising of Jammu Municipal Corporation, Jammu Development Authority and Jammu Housing Corporation.

Official sources informed that there are 31 authorised and 21 un-authorised colonies in Jammu City and its outskirts under the jurisdiction of JDA, whereas the details of authorized colonies of J&K Housing Board are concerned, these are Gandhi Nagar, Shastri Nagar, Channi Himmat in South of the City and Patoli, Lakar Mandi in West of Jammu.

Though settlement of Rohangya issue is not directly involved in this, somehow the slow pace of authorization of residential colonies also one of the reasons that authorities and its enforcement teams and officials cannot directly pick the outsiders staying in the un-authorised colonies.

“Not only Rohangyas or Bangladeshis, which are foreigners, but even many people from outside states even have been settled in the un-authorised colonies and the proper check can be made only when the concern departments legalise these colonies,” said official sources.

Besides, there is only one unauthorised colony in the J&K Housing Board i.e. Channi Rama that the ward-wise detail of the colonies that were yet to be regularised in the Jammu constituency included New Plot (left-out) partly Ward No. 216 and partly Ward No. 17, Vikas Nagar, Topsherkhania Ward No. 26, Chand Vihar Muthi Ward No. 67, Shant Nagar Ward No. 35, Indira Nagar (Janipur) Ward No. 34, Hyderpora (Janipur) Ward No. 36 and Puran Nagar (Bhagwati Nagar) Ward No. 14.

It is also worth mentioning that number of times police have arrested anti-national or anti-social elements from these un-authorised colonies staying on rented accommodations or with other means since long time.