Amir Tantray

JK News Today
Jammu, March 23: As Jammu and Kashmir always faces threat of major earthquake due to its geographical positioning and falling in high and highest seismic zone, what do people need to do to avoid large scale damage.

There are many areas where people have to work and also pull the administration to do their part.

Experts believe that the threat of major earthquake always looms large on Jammu and Kashmir as this region hasn’t witnessed major earthquake in a century or so. Also Himalayan region is prone to earthquakes and a couple of days back an earthquake measuring 6.6 on Richter scale occurred in Jurm area Afghanistan which shook the entire region including Jammu and Kashmir. This could serve a warning to the region that any area can have such earthquake.

Already J&K has witnessed around nine earthquakes this month only but intensity of most of these tremors was low.

“There is always a chance of major earthquake in Jammu and Kashmir and the recent earthquake didn’t occur here but in Afghanistan. We have to be prepared to deal with major earthquakes,” G.M. Bhat, a geological expert told JK News Today.

He said that people need to construct their houses as per the guidelines already available which can become earthquake resistant.

“We need to go back to the old model of construction of houses by putting big wooden logs beneath the lentil and construct wide walls so that they can absorb the pressure. Modern houses can also be constructed by taking opinion of geologists and architects so that buildings become safe,” Bhat added.

He informed that people should avoid any kind of construction where soil is loose or on wetlands as they can be disastrous itself. “Construction on slopes should also be avoided,” he said.

There is a need of wide publicity about these facts and administration should aware people about the planned construction besides focusing on disaster management.