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Jammu, December 17 ( JKNT)

Several  IAS officers  holding key pots in  Jammu and Kashmir are keen to  go on deputation  to the Central government as they are feeling  unworkable atmosphere in the state  as the political interference is  at its peak.

“ What is here to work, you have to become yes man to the political masters , most of whom have no idea of administration and governance, “ lamented a senior IAS officer  who is  keen to  shift to Centre .

The IAS officers  from outside the state feel that the atmosphere has been deliberately made hostile  for them as the “   parochial approach  of the politicians  is becoming intolerable.”  An idea of hate is being generated  against  All India Service officers  for they hail from outside the state.

According to a senior officer, who did not want to be identified , there  were two primary reasons  for them to seek deputation to the Centre- one the ministers fail to stand by them  and secondly they are prone to the  complaints filed into the ears of the  ministers.

In Kashmir Valley, they are viewed as rank outsiders, while in Jammu, they are victims of the casteist creed of the politicians.

It looks as if  all the forces are arrayed against them .

These officers cited example of several  competent officers  who had opted for Deputation and working in key positions  in the Central government .

“ There is a tremendous love for our cadre and the state, but the problem is that there is no work-like atmosphere. The politics  of communalism and caste  leaves us  high and dry and the leaders who should stand by us  quite often join forces against us,” bemoaned another IAS officer .

The best period for the IAS officers was when Farooq Abdullah was Chief Minister from  1996 to 2002 , when there was a relative stability and respect for competence and experience .  Thereafter , everything has  gone in for a six.