JK News Today

Jammu, August 7:

Shakti Uppal, a Social Activist said that every day there are reports that some people are illegally mining from Jammu tawi, which is causing damage to our river and risk of damage to many bridges along with it. 

He said that the government had stopped mining but some time ago the fourth bridge bhagwati nagar suffered  loss and damage.

 Seeing that the government had stopped mining, but at this time some people, who are being helped by some politicians and some crooks, get to see the reason why they get heard in the newspaper or news channel, some people are mining in the afternoon and night while  The administration has strictly imposed it.

The police administration is making a very good contribution, on the one hand the police is fighting a disease like corona and is supporting us, on the other hand, the police arrests someone who is doing illegal mining every day. 

The police are doing their good work but some ruling leaders are not allowing the police to do their work, Uppal said.