J K News Commentary

There is a problem with the mindset of Pakistani establishment that it ignores the ground realities back home and poses as a global leader for peace and the rights of others .

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan  who is on a borrowing spree to give tenacity to the faltering economy of his country  has made chants  about  what he calls “ freedom struggle” in Kashmir and then seeks international invocation  to help  resolve the “ issue.”

In reality, if it is seen against the crises that he is facing  in Pakistan , Imran Khan , like all his predecessors , and the army , as always, is seeking to deflect the attention from them and using Kashmir as a  smokescreen  to hide all the ills that have made Pakistan , economically and politically unstable country .

In his latest interview with  a Turkish TV channel TRT , Imran Khan has used the words unbecoming of  any head of the government, big or small  across the globe . He charged India with “ suppressing the freedom struggle of Kashmiris.” His idea of “ freedom struggle”  is an outright deception . “ Pakistan sponsored terrorism is not freedom struggle . Pakistan is killing Kashmiris and they can not be held hostage  to the deceptions and distortions of Pakistan by  using the phrases like “ freedom struggle.”

There, indeed, is a problem in Kashmir , but the roots of the problem lie in  Pakistan that has been proactively  sponsoring terrorism in the Indian part of Jammu and Kashmir .Pakistan should not lull itself into a delusion that  Kashmiris are ignorant about its designs in Kashmir , and how Pakistan has  shred into pieces the peace of the Valley . It owes an explanation to the world  , and to Kashmiris  in particular about its role  in decimating the idea of Kashmir  and  turning one of the most beautiful places in the world as  killing fields .

By Pakistani media accounts , Pakistan has borrowed  Rs. 2.24 trillion in  the past five months (  Express Tribune, January 8, 2019) . It is not a good news for Pakistanis , and India has no reason to be happy over the destabilizing effect that the debilitating economy is having in the neighbouring country . An unstable Pakistan is not in India’s interests .

Having said  this , Pakistan for its own reasons should set its house in  order first . That should be its prime concern and objective . But by meddling into the internal affairs of the other countries, be that Afghanistan  or India , it cannot  steer clear of the problems that have spawned across Pakistan .

Imran Khan would do better if he  really makes his  government to behave as responsible one and accountable to its people .

Kashmir is part of India and the country knows how to deal with the  crisis here.