Binoo Joshi



Pakistan  is killing Indian soldiers and civilians alike . Its aggression on borders is nothing short of a war  as on a single day on Tuesday , Jammu  division lost at least seven civilians and  found more than a dozen of others  being rushed to   hospitals . Pakistan is trying to justify its terror through this war.

Indian army has been forced to retaliate . There must have been casualties  on Pakistan side as well, but the opacity   executed  by the deep state in Pakistan  has prevented  the real loss of its soldiers from making it to the TV channels or newspapers. A blanket ban has been  imposed and Pakistan media is regurgitating  whatever Inter Services  Public Relations ( ISPR) spokesperson tells them to do.


Whatever be the situation and whatever be the reason , natural or invented, this is the saddest  scene   on the borders. Pakistan is  exhibiting  valour of its army in  killing the innocent children, elderly persons, and ladies . This is the cruelty of war  that we have been condemned  to witness and hapless border villagers are experiencing death in their lives  every minute of their life. There is no scape from the exploding shells and the bullets  that perforate their homes, kill or injure  their cattle. Farmers are unable to go to their fields .


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s promise of  providing peace and dignity to border residents in his 2014  is being observed in breach. The population along the borders and hinterland is feeling most insecure in more than one and a half-decade .  If the forces are replying without  counting shells  then peace is not there ?  Who is responsible  for this grave situation . The border residents are asking . They had not voted for BJP  for this kind of bargain .

End this war, whatever it takes to do so . Don’t succumb to the blackmail of the other side, but honour your promise of peace on borders . Time is running out.