J K News Today  Commentary

It is time for Jammu to speak up and tell all the forces of disintegration that they cannot have their way  by their sinister  communal  narrative , and the region has not mortgaged its ethos and culture of brotherhood to the nefarious political designs of the others who have done nothing but exploited the region.

Jammu is an idea that has shown time and again that it has limitless capacity to absorb others and fostered new relationship . This is not to the liking of the forces that have   given birth to conflict  in Kashmir . No politician  can claim that their hands are clean – one way or the other , all these politicians  have  sown seeds of disharmony and  derived sadistic pleasure  from the situation that has gripped the Valley now . Their next target is to wreck the place  that gave them shelter  and extended all hospitality when they were hounded out of the Valley by the armed militants .It is ironic  that  they are bent upon  creating communal, geographical, ethnic and other fissures in Jammu region  for their petty political gains, which ultimately may help Pakistan . It is beyond comprehension as to why they are  driven  by such self-destructive  ideology .

If there has been little or negligible development in erstwhile Doda , which they fondly call  as “ Chenab valley”  or in Rajouri and Poonch districts that border Pakistan occupied Jammu and Kashmir , who should be blamed . The blame  should rest with all the ruling parties that have ruled the State since 1947 and  who all were they – the history has the answer .

By stoking the communal  passions in these areas  in the name of seeking divisional status or the hill councils  for these areas  in Jammu region , the Kashmir-centric politicians, particularly  PDP president Mehbooba Mufti and some of her  party men , they are  hoping to reap the political dividends  in the hope that they would be able to offset the losses that they have suffered  in the recent months . Mehbooba Mufti cannot deny the fact that her party is not even a pale shadow of what it was  when she was in power with the help of BJP . It was expected that she would play a reformist politics and  work for the unity of the State , and particularly Jammu region where her late father Mufti Mohammad Sayeed found a lot of solace and comfort  even during the sweltering summer .  But her party is in the forefront in dividing the region on the communal lines, as was rightly pointed out by Dr. Karan Singh . She should have come out of the dark shadows that the separatists want to cast on this peaceful region .

All the forces that are seeking  to  seek “ justice for these region”, should introspect that what  consequences would fall upon the state – they would be creating communal enclaves and no-go zones for others . This balkanization of Jammu , which they are attempting, would consume them.

It is for the people of Jammu as a whole to stand as one against these nefarious designs . Asking for development  is something different from breaking the region into different parts . It is an overall design to make   Jammu and Kashmir to make it  a place where the conflicts like Syria , Iraq and  Yemen would become a reality .

Jammu should resist this in on voice.