Jammu Institute of Ayurveda and Research organized a free Medical camp at Press Club Jammu here today in the memory of Late Dr Roop Lal Sharma on his 1st death Anniversary,

 Chairman Team Jammu and Secretary General Press Club of Jammu, Zorawar Singh Jamwal who was the chief guest on the occasion formally inaugurated the free medical camp that was attended by large number of city residents. Besides, number of journalists including cameraman also availed the opportunity for medical examination. Then patients were also provided with free medicines sponsored by Himalaya Drug Company.

 While inaugurating the free medical camp, Chairman Team Jammu, Zorawar Singh Jamwal congratulated Dr Twinkle Gupta & Dr. Sudesh Gupta heading the team of doctors for providing free medical examination and free medicines to the people of Jammu city. He stressed the gathering for encouraging Ayurveda treatment as it has no side effects though the treatment is little lengthy.

Citing examples of entire Jammu Province including hilly and Kandi terrain having vast potential of medicinal plantation, Zorawar Singh Jamwal emphasized that state government as well as other NGOs and social organizations must start projects plantation of medicinal plants which would not only elevate the local economy but would also help in flourishing Ayurveda treatment in our day today stressful life. Recalling the contribution of late Dr Roop Lal Sharma for his great contribution in promoting Ayurveda in J&K, Zorawar Singh Jamwal described him as a torch bearer of the said field.

He also highlighted the importance of Ayurveda, Ayurvedic medicines, Panchakarma and Ksharasutra therapies.

 He asked people to adopt Ayurveda and use Ayurvedic medicines in day today life, as these drugs have no side effects. He also highlighted the Ksharasutra the traditional medicated seton technique of Sushruta, the great indian surgeon for the treatment of Piles and Fistula as this technique has no reoccurrence and complications.

 During the day long medical camp, PG Deptt. of Medicine, examined more than 200 patients of various diseases like Osteoarthritis, Skin Diseases, GIT, Cervical Spondylitis, Hypertension,  Cold, Cough & Fever etc were benefited. Dr. Twinkle Gupta, Associate Professor and Dr Nitin Mahajan, Assistant Professor examined the patients and advised them to undergo various Panchakarma procedures like Nasya, Janu basti, Katibasti, Shirodhara, etc.

 Dr Sudesh Gupta, Associate Professor from Surgery department examined more than 125 patients of Anorectal disorders like Piles, Fistula, Fissure, Pilonidal Sinus, Analwarts were examined & treated with Ksharasutra procedure & ksharakarma. Patients were advised to have proper follow-ups.

 PG Scholars and Students of Final Proff of JIAR also rendered their tireless services in the camp. Medicinal support was provided by JIAR Pharmacy & Mr Rajiv Pandita and Jaspinder Singh from Himalaya Drug Company.