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Srinagar, November 1 ( JKNT)

Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) Tuesday asked the Valley people to be equipped with psychological first aid (PFA) to  avert  ever enlarging crisis of mental health problems in the backdrop of the continuing stress-inducing Kashmir troubles .

President DAK Dr Nisar ul Hassan in a statement said psychological first aid  has become a necessity in the given situation .

“Untreated stress in Kashmir is like a bomb waiting to explode. It has the potential to culminate into a mental health crisis,” he said.

PFA is the immediate rescue to distressed individuals and it would prevent the

“It is a method of enhancing person’s own natural coping abilities to deal with stress. Importantly, it will take mental health out of shadows and remove the taboo surrounding mental health conditions.”

This technique, he said, is as important as physical first aid and is typically offered by someone in the person’s societal network such as a family, friend or a colleague.

“Everyone needs to be trained for this tool. It is like cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and is potentially a life saving skill that we all need to have,” he said.

“With 1.8 million adults having mental distress in Kashmir and the current situation compounding the scenario, there is a crisis looming, he said .