JK News Today

Srinagar, December 30

Kashmiri separatists have been unable to design any-long term and transformational  protest calendar in their “ struggle” for self-determination in their newest calendar  substantiating the doubts that the  separatist leadership was clueless  about  the nature of protest other than shutdowns and marches.

On Friday, issued the  “ protest calendar “ for the first fortnight of  January 2017, exempting the Valley residents  from shutdown for five-day a week, beginning Sundays to Thursdays, while Friday and Saturdays would continue to be  the days of complete general strike.

Late evening press release  by the separatists, who call themselves as “ Resistance Leaders” , said that there would be full days relaxation from Sundays to Thursdays ( both days included), but Friday and Saturdays would be days of shutdown  for the next two weeks .

This is for a second time that the separatists have issued five –day relaxation  calendar.

However, the separatist’s leaders’ new calendar did not offer any  major transformation in their agitation mode, which they had been talking  about for over a  month now.

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