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Binoo Joshi

The G 20 meeting in Srinagar from May 22- 24 , sight-seeing and shopping day included , upgraded the status of Kashmir , the place where the changed atmospherics are rich with the invitations for more such mega international events . This is an ode to the beauty of Kashmir and its universally recognized status as a global tourist destination . The people of Kashmir have achieved this feat , and much more . They have started their competition with other Indian cities to host the summit level events , telling the world leaders that they need new and clear glasses to see what all has changed in the land which not long ago was titled as “ wounded Valley” by authors .
By the time G 20 delegates, 60 of them, would have compiled their reports about the visit , discussions and deliberations on various dimensions of tourism in Kashmir and its connect with the rest of the world , they cannot , and should not avoid keeping such a beautiful place on the list of travel advisories .This is their diplomatic obligation toward the people of Kashmir who live in the beautiful part of the world , as the tourism is one of the biggest source enriching their economy , and more than that fulfilling their quest for peace . Tourism , in the context of Kashmir , is not just about hosting the visitors and extending hospitality, for which the Vale is known all over the world. It is a means to help them walk away from shadows of conflict in which they were caught for more than three decades. As part of the G20 grouping , the delegates must have been aware of the fact that tourism is road to peace .
In very generic terms , though critical from the geopolitical perspective as well , the tourism stakeholders were looking for getting the adverse advisories removed . The advisories were issued for the Kashmir of 1990s – when bombs , bullets and ever-expanding graveyards defined the land . Times have changed . The foreign delegates have seen the change for themselves .
.There is an argument , which has its own reasoning , that the delegates were under the shadow of the security personnel all the time during their stay in Srinagar . This is a fact , but it is due to other facts , which cannot be overlooked . All those bringing the security presence in sharper focus than the overall scenario, need to explain, why do they themselves have to live and move in security cover ? . No, there is no threat from Kashmir – land and the people . The soil of Kashmir has been misused by the forces , about which all of us are well aware of .
Despite disintegrating and rushing toward abyss , the disruptive forces from across the border have not given up their agenda to bleed Kashmir . Those who dictated and directed the killing of Kashmiri Pandits in 2022 to disrupt the march to normalcy , would these forces have stayed silent when such a mega event is held in Kashmir. They stand vanquished by the soft power of India. . India cannot take risks for its guests in Kashmir , or for that matter, in any other place in the country.
The delegates who came to Srinagar to attend the moot knew China and Pakistan’s stand on Kashmir . It is immaterial what rank they hold in the diplomatic hierarchy in their countries, the striking fact is that they are the representatives of their countries . They were tasked with this assignment to observe the optics and what went behind the optics . This is the same job which their senior too would have done. . They acme , they saw , and they were captivated by the beauty of Kashmir , and more so by the hospitality. The official stamp was there . That had to be . But the people of Kashmir showed that they are the real partners and stakeholders as they greeted and served the guests . Many of the myths have broken . Now is the time for journey ahead to host more events and normalize event holding in Kashmir .
Three- days – May 22 to 24 – were epoch making , and Kashmir has got an opportunity to have more such history- making events .