Sinha kickstarts era of service and accountability

Binoo Joshi

JK News Today

Lieutenant  Governor Manoj Sinha on Friday put his step forward for accountability of the administration toward the people of Jammu and Kashmir  as he addressed his first press conference to underline his mission to provide good governance with people-oriented development tempering it.

In response to the complaints that he had  received about the bureaucratic corruption, inertia and arrogance , Manoj Sinha sent a strong message to the system that he inherited on August 7 when he took over reins of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir that now the people would be the masters.

Sinha  was brief in his remarks, while announcing the Jammu and Kashmir Integrated Redress and  Monitoring System – the system and its mechanism was explained by Simran deep Singh I AS, looking after the grievances cell. The brevity conveyed essence of what he wanted to achieve  .

His focus on the things became clearer  when he told the journalists that they were welcome to ask questions pertaining to  JK Health Scheme that was also announced today and  JKIRMS. He di not want these historic initiatives to submerge in the deluge of anything that is sensational and high-sounding political rhetoric.

Kashmir’s conflict situation and the commentary often drowns the good headlines . The story may not make to front pages or top headlines of the newspapers, but the message was for the people  of J&K to comprehend that what was being done for them and how  all these facilities could be accessed without waiting in queue for long for the officers to come and allow them in .

The mechanism set up at all district levels where Deputy Commissioners and Senior Superintendents of  Police would be available to the people for one hour from 10.30 a.m. to 11. 30 a.m. to listen to their grievances  and redress the same in the specified period.

Sinha  gave a meaning to “ Back to Village “ programme that would start from October 2, the birth anniversary of  Mahatma Gandhi, when he said that the people would be invited to give their feedback whether the work has been done or not. It was contrary to the system where BTV  was  programmed for picnics of officers and their families. Some of the Deputy Commissioners  had used the royal era palanquins  to see the villagers and “ hear their grievances.”

The LG announced end of era of  this kind of luxury and inertia of bureaucracy , and made the people masters of the system.