JK News Today


Jammu, Nov. 19

Mohammad Salim and Haneef Raza, two labourers from Poonch are without work since the demonetization of high denomination currency bills.

Both of them came to Jammu about three years ago to earn their livelihood. They were earning Rs.500-700 per day and were able to send money to their family back home in Poonch.

But now, “we have no work since the Prime Minister banned Rs.500 and Rs.1000 currency notes,” said Mohammad Salim with a heavy heart.


His partner Raza lamented, “We can barely earn Rs.50-Rs.100…. you know well what we can get with this amount.”

“People have no money to spend, they can hardly afford their domestic expenses with valid currency in their possession. They all are running from pillar to post, queuing up in front of banks for hours to get money exchanged,” they noted.

They do not know till when would this plight of their’s continue. “We have no idea as to when will we start earning like before.”