– Vaneet Kaur

Squeaky clean ganga, have rapists’ guts for garters, immure Vadra and Malya, abrading of Article 370, ironing out of Kashmir issue and the infinite like all turned out to be promises afar, this government it seems came to the power only to link sim card to Adhaar!

By the same token, the colour of money was changed from green to pink to orange but none saw the much bragged about black. Akin, the chameleon could only change its colour but not the skin! Did my bank fail to reflect Rupees fifteen lakh credited in my account or did Modi Government’s cheque written in my favor bounce?

Mighty was the Avatar, but the door way to acche din is only ajar! Flagship scheme of Make in India could not be rendered into Made in India, number of toilets built failed to live up to the hype of Swachh Bharat pledge, and wow can only be said about the employment for a crore vow.

No lokpal yet and neither one we will ever get. The economic data is only old wine in a new bottle, minor cosmetic tweaks failed to take country on a growth trajectory. Not only farmers are distressed, OROP supporters too are depressed.

The Saffron party seems to have bitten off more than it could chew, ensuring a peaceful and secure environment was the resolve howbeit love jihad, gau goons, lynching, anti-Romeo squads have been ‘the feathers on the cap’ few. The spend on education has constantly been dipping despite tall claims, inking linkings have only been the aims!

Indians are still awaiting reservation for women in Parliament as well as assemblies, internships for youth to contribute to governance, eradication of poverty, construction of houses for homeless, providing electricity to all villages, putting an end to female foeticide,  drafting of a Uniform Civil Code, setting up of Wi-Fi zones and the list goes on.

The needle on the Modi meter is still to rise, the results the government is yet to apprise. The term is on the brink, future manifestos continue to kink and the tsars carry on with the wink.