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NEW DELHI ,  December 22   (JKNT)  Prime Minister  Narendra  Modi  today equated  the opposition parties opposing note ban  to “ Pakistani army providing cover fore to  militants to facilitate them to intrude.”

In one of the most scathing attacks on the  Opposition , a day after  Congress vice  president  Rahul Gandhi  charged Prime Minister  with having received bribes during his tenure as Gujarat Chief Minister before becoming Prime Minister ,  Modi  blazed all guns  towards  opposition.

“ Their stalling of the parliament  on note ban  was like Pakistani army providing  cover fire to the militants to intrude into India, “ Modi said  at a function in his parliamentary constituency Varanasi  on Thursday .

By calling opposition as “ Pakistani army” engaged in “providing cover fire” to the  terrorists , he placed him self and his government as forces fighting against the terrorism and nation’s enemy, while labeling opposition as  an accomplice of the enemies of the nation . He had stated on November 8 that his demonetization plan was aimed among other things to root out terrorism surviving on the high value notes and counterfeit currency .

“The commotion created in Parliament is like the ‘cover fire’ that Pakistan uses to ensure terrorists infiltrate into India. Similarly, the ruckus in Parliament lets cheats get away,” he said . He added that he never imagined politicians would “stand with the corrupt”.

Prime Minister also took a jibe at Rahul Gandhi , saying that “ now since he has spoken , there is no fear of any earthquake”.  Rahul had stated that he had  details of “ personal corruption” of Prime Minister and the day he would speak , tremors would rock the country’s political  circles.

Modi  in  a sarcastic tone said that he is happy that  Rahul has leant the art of  public speaking.