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Jammu, February 06: 

Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha today said that the goal of his administration is to provide job opportunities to 80 percent of the young population of J&K within the next five years to make them an engine of growth for the overall socio-economic transformation of Jammu and Kashmir. 

Sinha said this while delivering a keynote address at the Harvard US-India Initiative (HUII) annual Conference via virtual mode.
“I would like to see each child of J&K prosper into a mature, successful and good human being; the potential of each young is harnessed in a way that everyone contributes towards the prosperity of the UT. Together we will achieve”, said LG Manoj Sinha. 

HUII aims to engage students around the world in a dialogue about India’s most pressing political, social, economic, and environmental challenges, providing youth the opportunity to hear from inspiring leaders and be a part of the discussion with them.

During the address, LG Sinha said, “I sincerely believe that India, with a huge young talented population, friendly ecosystem and the trust we have managed to build that we can deliver on promises has allowed the nation to emerge as the popular destination for global entrepreneurs and corporates”.

Quoting Chanakya, “The world’s biggest power is Youth’,  Lieutenant Governor emphasised that they need not to follow conventional wisdom or a crowd and must realize who they are and what they want. “Be yourself. Your knowledge is about creating a new vision of life.”

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Saying that youth power shapes the society’s structure, LG Sinha said that  with remarkable qualities like spontaneity, leadership quality, adaptability and capability, Youth are blessed with power to build character, raise moral strength and intellectual prowess for better civilization. 
Talking about the phases in the lives of youth, LG said, “I believe our evolution in student days passes through three most crucial stages-Action, Revolution and Reform”. 

Youth is the most aware being on this planet, having potential to awaken humanity, he said, ” It is this call that entrusts a bounden duty on Youth to persuade errant youth lost in conflicts world over to come back to mainstream marking another unrealized dimension of youth potential.”