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National Conference Student Union today payed tribute to1966  martyrs of GGM Science College at Shaheedi Sthal near college gate under the leadership of Sahil Singh Jamwal (Senior Vice President Jammu province) .

While addressing the  students ,  Sahil Singh jamwal highlighted the life history of martyrs and his associates, Who fought for the agricultural university and other grievance  of the students of Jammu

“Their Martyrdom , evoke a wave of  struggle throughout the Jammu”,   Sahil said

Vikas badoria also added  that many Youth joined the  struggle following martydom of shaheed Brij Mohan,  Subash Chander  , Gulshan Honda  and Gurcharan singh

While addressing media persons , Sahil urged the youth to come forward to fight social 
Evils to fulfill the dreams of martyrs. 

Ratesh and Vivek in combined statement said; In early age they got involved in revolutionary activities against and  started fight for rights of society. 

Other prominent leaders present  are Vijay Deol, Shubum Bhagat , Manik Raina,  Akash Deep,  Nasir , Ankit, Mohit Aryan , Niggit , Priya , Pryinka , Vikas pandita, Rahul dev and  Rinku and others