JK News Today

The release of fresh map of Jammu and Kashmir , and  Ladakh that have become two  separate Union Territories since August 5 , is a complete snub to Pakistan and  China. These two countries had been objecting to the state’s conversion into two UTs for that had made India to mirror  its territorial integrity and also its decisive decision making regarding the territories that Islamabad and Beijing had been insisting were “ disputed.”

The case was other way round. China and Pakistan are in the illegal occupation of the territories of Jammu and Kashmir , as the state existed in 1947 before Pakistan sponsored tribesmen invasion tried and succeeded partially in changing the geographical boundaries of the state. Now in the two UTs , India has included all the territories that are under the illegal occupation of the two neighbouring countries.

It has settled one question once for all that Line of Control can ever be the de-facto border between the Indian and Pakistani parts of Kashmir. The whole thing is Indian. It also is a message to all those pleading for converting the LoC into international border to keep quiet and accept that India has the right to get back these territories as per the international law. This right of India is unquestionable.

India has pushed the narrative of the UTs well beyond the international criticism and hit at the sources that had tried to sow doubts and questioned Delhi’s August 5 decision.

Tactically , India has played a super game . This is where it has hit hard Pakistan , as it reacted fast and furiously . It could comprehend the geostrategic inflicted on it by the cartographers who drew the fresh boundaries.