Binoo Joshi

News Analysis


India has a problem   and it pays a heavy  price for not  taking advantage of the men and women in Kashmir who can really turn table in its favour at the international forums . They are  coherent , but India plays  politics of flip-flop  with them and makes them  look weak in their convictions and commitments . Trust begets trust.

Former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah’s address in New York should be an eye-opener . His  speech and the question-answer  with the students there suggested emphatically that not only he has the clear idea of  what the Kashmir problem is , and where it solution lies . That is within the Constitution of India .

More importantly , Omar  has torn apart Pakistan and separatists’ repeated calls  on the implementation of the UN resolutions on  Kashmir  that grant the right to the people of the undivided Jammu and Kashmir  to make choice of next country. Who could have been a better  brand ambassador of   Kashmir, who is realistic though some of his assertions may run against the  jingoism thumping crowd in the country . Pakistanis, of course, will hate , to put it bluntly ,  his showing of mirror to Islamabad on the U N resolutions.

Let any one from Pakistan challenge  Omar Abdullah’s knowledge  and assertion of the historical facts about the U N resolution . “ Pakistan is obligated to vacate  its regular and irregular forces from the territories of Jammu and Kashmir under its  control.” The subsequent question , “ how can India  take step no 2 unless  Pakistan has step no 1”.

Something that has  rarely been pointed out  in the public domain so far is that the territory of Jammu and Kashmir   under Pakistan’s control is not the same what it was in 1947. “ Pakistan has tinkered with the  territory ( gifted it to China, and annexed  Gilgit Baltistan and allowed the  China to  carve out  China- Pakistan economic Corridor through the undivided J&K’s territory), India has not.”

Omar Abdullah , who did not cover himself with glory  during his six-year rule as Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, when radical  Islam  made its way to the state , has a strong point that Kashmir is a political problem and it needs a  political solution .  He refers to the original document of instrument of accession that barring defence, communications and foreign affairs , all other subjects would be governed by the state . That’s history . Although needles of the clock, a favourite phrase with a many leaders in the country, but there can be discussions to find out a meeting ground where the identity of Kashmir  finds a respectable position in  the Indian union.

Watch out ! Omar ‘s talent and potential should be utilised in course-correction in Kashmir.