New Delhi , October 11  ( JKNT) A leading Pakistani journalist  who broke the story of   Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif demanding action from the army against the  entrenched militant groups or face isolation  last week  has been barred from leaving the country.


Cyril Almeidia’s story of confrontation between the civilian leadership and the army in which  spy agency ISI chief Lt. Gen Rizwan Akhtar  was also present along with army chief Gen. Raheel Sharif , which has been vehemently denied by the PMO and the army,  had created a spiral of  storm in the strategic community in India, Afghanistan and the USA, with  various interpretations .


It was seen as an assertion by Pakistan  premier against his  army chief , whom he  doesn’t like for  playing politics against him,  as also a plant to befool the world that  Pakistan was  mulling serious action against the terror groups  operating on its soil.


On Monday, Cyril  was told that he cannot leave the country  as he was booked for  Dubai along with his family for holidaying at the Gulf nation .

“ I have seen  myself on the exit control list,”  the journalist wrote on Twitter .


Pakistani establishment, however, maintains  that it was a matter concerning the  national security apparatus, particularly after the report  had appeared following surgical strikes by the Indian army in Pakistan occupied Kashmir on September 29th when Pakistani army and the  militant outfit Lashkar-e-Toiiba suffered a major damage and deaths.

India had conducted strikes to avenge the  death of its 19 soldiers in a terrorist attack , believed to have been sponsored by Pakistan and its non-state actors, at army base in Uri , Kashmir,  on September 18.