J K News Today

Jammu, August 3:

Pakistan  has learnt nothing from the history – it is back to the old games of inciting passions  on Kashmir ,  but the times have changed .

Today , Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi , along with  army officers  visited the LoC on the side of Pakistan occupied Jammu and Kashmir  and made a big  joke of himself that the road to Kashmir has been changed to Srinagar highway. “ Our destination is Srinagar where we will offer namaz in  Jamia  Masjid.”

These kinds of rhetorical noises have been heard before , and the people of Pakistan and Kashmir know that it is all hollow . There was a dream of some of his predecessors, including his predecessor and later Prime Minister Zulfikar Bhutto , had also said something like that “ Pakistan  would wage a thousand years of war against India.” That was the  time after Pakistan had not only lost war  but also one part of it, that is now Bangladesh.

During the war in 1971 and before that in  1965 Pakistan had made similar claims of capturing Delhi and offering namaz and having lunch and dinner in the Indian cities , but the outcome is known to all.

Pakistan always makes such noises whenever it is  losing . This time, too, it has lost  as its designs to incite the people in Kashmir on the abrogation of Article 370 , have failed .The people in Kashmir have seen through  Islamabad’ s game and they want  an end to it once and for all. These provocations supplied in plenty from across the border are being rebuffed in a resounding  manner.

Even All Parties Hurriyat Conference has counselled that talks are the  way out. This means that Pakistan should desist from its propaganda and tools to incite the people. This message is loud and clear.