J K News Today Commentary

How’s it that within hours after the announcement  on Monday  that  a delegation of the European Union  will be visiting the Valley, a heavy dose of violence targeting civilians was injected into  Kashmir. First, it was Sopore where more than 20 civilians were injured in a grenade attack at the crowded bus stand . Some of the injured are battling for life. Late into the evening a truck driver from Katra was shot dead in Anantnag district in South Kashmir .These questions come in mind because  the incidents show a sinister design at work, and who is behind these  devilish acts.

The answer is , Pakistan . This is not a speculation , because there are clear basis for it . Pakistan has been warning of the “ bloodbath” in Jammu and Kashmir , from its Prime Minister Imran Khan to all others who matter in the Pakistani establishment , have started the hate-mongering . The voices calling for the high decibel violence  grew louder after the Indian government did away with the special status of Jammu and Kashmir and bifurcated it into the two Union territories. Pakistan could not digest this greater integration of Jammu and Kashmir with the rest of India, hence started prompting a campaign of violence .

BY killing and injuring innocent civilians , Pakistan wants to show to the world that Kashmiris were angry with the end of the special status and hence they have taken up  arms. For a minute, even if this theory is accepted, then why should  Kashmiris be killing innocent civilians of their own ethnicity ? This is what remains unanswered. Side by side there is another thing that cannot be lost sight of : killing of truck drivers and apple traders  who sustain Rs. 8,000 crore apple industry in the state  as a backbone of the economy of Kashmir . This cannot be act of Kashmiris . There have been several examples where Kashmiris have killed Kashmiris , but at this stage  it looks odd . There are portents of civil war in these acts of violence , and it also defies the theory that Kashmiris are united in their “ struggle” to preserve their identity and land following the scrapping of the Article 370 that was seen and believed as a symbol of their protection against any attempt to dilute that. It is a different matter that , Kashmiris  in their second thoughts have realised that the Article 370 was a source of their exploitation by their own leaders, some of whom are in detention at the moment .

Pakistan should look inwards  and instead of causing trouble in the Valley, should allow the people in the Valley to live in peace, undisturbed by Pakistan sponsored violence.