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Jammu,August 13:

On the occasion of 74th Independence Day Range Police Headquarters felicitating 16 Police officers alongwith 30 officials and 11 wards of Police personnel with Merit Certificate & Medal for their different role in policing like maintaining law & Order during COVID-19, Rescuing operation, Bravery Act, Wards for Outstanding performance in JKBOSE Examination etc.*

Certificate of Merit to Supervisory officers/SHOs/I/C PPs/Police personnel in recognition of their Outstanding performance in Crime/traffic management/COVID-19 duties in the Range:-
1. Dr.Satish Bhardwaj, Dy.SP SDPO Arnas in solving blind murder cases.
2. Sh.Ahmad Shaafi, Dy.SP SDPO Chenani, Lockdown order, Traffic management, COVID duties, foiling illegal transportation of labourer towards Kashmir Valley.
3. Sh.Himat Singh, Dy.SP DAR DPL Udhampur, Criminal investigation, lockdown orders, COVID-19 duties.
4. Inspr.Vijay Thakur SHO P/s Reasi, strict implementation of lockdown orders, excellent public dealing.
5. Inspr.Rattan Singh SHO P/s Mahore, action against Drug peddlers and recovery of Narcotic drugs.
6. SI Jaswinder Choudhary, Incharge Police Post Tikri, better management COVID-19 sample collection centre, traffic management and strict implementation lockdown orders.

Certificate of Merit to Supervisory officers/SHOs/I/C PPs/Police personnel in recognition of their hectic efforts in rescuing/retrieving the dead bodies of five family members from Kaghote Nallah Ramnagar and 18 years old boy from River Tawi near village Diyar Dabbar Tandhar, Chenani.
1. Sh.Garu Ram, Dy.SP SDPO Ramnagar.
2. Inspr.Pushpinder Singh SHO P/s Chenani.
3. SI Jaswinder Singh, SHO P/s Ramnagar.
4. HC Rattan No.72/U of P/s Ramnagar.
5. SPO Gushu Ram No.722/SPOU of P/s Ramnagar.
6. SPO Bhikham No.1063/SPOU of P/s Ramnagar.
7. SPO Jaswant No.322/SPOU of P/s Ramnagar.
8. SPO Bushan Kumar No.863/SPOU of P/s Chenani.
Certificate of Merit to Police personnel in recognition of their outstanding COVID-19 duties.
District Udhampur:-
1. ASI Ashwani Kumar No.EXJ846292.
2. ASI Azad Hussain No.80/U.
3. ASI Subash Singh No.EXJ875805.
4. HC Kulbir Singh No.122/U.
5. HC Mohd Farooq No.1050/U.
6. HC Vijay Kumar No.354/U.
7. HC Ajay Kumar No.1045/U.
8. HC Bipan Lal No.494/U.
9. Sgct.Sandoo Singh No.360/U.
10. Sgct.Anchal Singh No.674/U.
11. Sgct.Abdul Qayoom No.635/U.
12. Sgct. Tara Chand No.185/U.
13. Const.Amit Kumar No.533/U.
14. Const.Dilbag Singh No.916/U.
15. SPO Abdul Satrar No.679/SPO.
16. SPO Rahul Sharma No.1007/SPO.
17. SPO Gopal Krishan No.1032/SPO.
18. SPO Rakesh Singh No.752/SPO.
19. SPO Amar Singh No.425/SPO.
20. SPO Romesh Kumar No.412/SPO.
District Reasi:-
1. SI Anchal Singh No.EXJ825749.
2. ASI Partap Singh No.EXJ881646.
3. ASI Thakur Dutt Sangra No.EXJ885926.
4. HC Gurmeet Singh No.194/Rsi.
5. Const.Ashraf Ali No.1065/Rsi.
Certificate of Merit to wards of Police personnel for Outstanding performance in JKBOSE 10th & 12th Examinations.
District Udhampur:-
1. Mr.Snorav Sawhney S/o Inspr.Sunil Kumar No.5456/NGO JKBOSE (Class-10th) for securing “Distinction” (90.6%).
2. Ms.Rabiya Tabassum D/o SI Mohd Yousuf Khan No.EXJ795753 JKBOSE (Class-10th) for securing “Distinction” (92.8%).
3. Ms.Priya Devi D/o HC Ranjeet Singh No.EXJ965731 JKBOSE (Class-12th) for securing “Distinction” (91.2%).
4. Ms.Bandhu Thakur D/o HC Rukman Singh No.EXJ976254 JKBOSE (Class-10th) for securing “Distinction” (90.8%).
5. Ms.Neha Thakur D/o Sgct.Jagdev Singh No.EXJ996177 JKBOSE (Class-10th) for securing “Distinction” (98.4%).
6. Mr.Arunesh Singh Bandral S/o Sgct.Naresh Singh No.EXJ985631 JKBOSE (Class-12th) for securing “Distinction” (91.2%).
7. Ms.Gunn Manhas D/o L/SPO Kalasho Devi No.44/SPOU JKBOSE (Class-10th) for securing “Distinction” (91.8%).
District Reasi:-
1. Mr.Anish Goswami S/o ASI Ashok Kumar No.EXJ985735 JKBOSE (Class-10th ) for securing “Distinction” (91.02%).
2. Mr.Nazeen Kouser S/o ASI Mohd Akram No.EXJ845671 JKBOSE (Class-10th) for securing “Distinction” (96.4%).
3. Mr.Akshit Sharma S/o HC Mukesh Kumar No.EXJ885642 JKBOSE (Class-12th) for securing “Distinction” (92.2%).
4. Mr.Muneshwar Singh S/o Sgct.Harvinder Singh No.EXJ997168 JKBOSE (Class-10th) for securing “Distinction” (97.4%).
Certificate of Merit to Police personnel of RPHQ Udhampur/District Udhampur in recognition of their Outstanding performance in completing different duties/tasks:-
1. Sh. Imtiaz Ahmed, DySP Staff Officer, RPHQ Udhampur.
2. HC Pawan Kumar, No.EXJ976339.
3. Sgct Pawan Kumar, No.EXJ986134.
4. Sgct. Kunal Kumar, No.EXJ987377.
5. Foll. Pritam Chand, No.EXJ996497 (Carpenter).
6. SPO Suram Singh, No.360/SPOU (Painter).
7. SPO Abdul Rashid, No.804/SPOU (Electrician).