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Jammu, August 27: Prime Minister Narendra Modi yet again reflected on the G20 meet on tourism in Srinagar in May and stated that it has been a game changer for tourism sector in Kashmir.
In his “ Mann ki Baat “ on Sunday, Prime Minister said “
After the G-20 meeting in Srinagar, a huge increase in the number of tourists to Kashmir is being seen. I urge all countrymen to come together to make the G-20 summit successful and bring glory to the country.”
These expressions came days ahead of the G20 summit in New Delhi, in which heads of the state and government of the grouping will be coming to India. The US president Joe Biden has already confirmed his participation in the summit, he is scheduled to arrive in September 7. It will be Biden’s first visit since he became president of the United States in January 2021.
PM spoke of India’s mission Moon and said “on the 23rd of August, India and India’s Chandrayaan have proved that some suns of resolve rise on the moon as well. Mission Chandrayaan has become a symbol of the spirit of New India, which wants to ensure victory, and also knows how to win in any situation.”

“ Friends, there has been one aspect of this mission which I specially want to discuss with all of you today. You might remember this time I have expressed from Red Fort that we have to strengthen Women Led Development as a national character. Where the might of women power is added, the impossible can also be made possible. India’s Mission Chandrayaan is also a live example of woman power. Many women scientists and engineers have been directly involved in this entire mission. They have handled many important responsibilities like project director, project manager of different systems. The daughters of India are now challenging even the Space which is considered infinite. When the daughters of a country become so ambitious, who can stop that country from becoming developed!

Friends, we have accomplished such a lofty flight since today our dreams are big and our efforts are also big. Along with our scientists, other sectors have also played an important role in the success of Chandrayaan-3. Many countrymen have contributed in ensuring all the parts and meeting technical requirements. When everyone’s efforts converged, success was also achieved. This is the biggest success of Chandrayaan-3. I wish that in future too our space sector will achieve innumerable successes like this with collective efforts.

My family members, the month of September is going to be witness to the potential of India. India is fully prepared for the G-20 Leaders Summit to be held next month. Heads of 40 countries and many Global Organizations are coming to the capital Delhi to participate in this event. This will be the biggest participation ever in the history of the G-20 Summit. During her presidency, India has made G-20 a more inclusive forum. The African Union also joined the G-20 on India’s invitation and the voice of the people of Africa reached this important platform of the world. Friends, since India took over the presidency of the G-20 in Bali last year, so much has happened that it fills us with pride. Moving away from the tradition of holding big events in Delhi, we took them to different cities of the country. About 200 meetings related to this were organized in 60 cities across the country. Wherever the G-20 Delegates went, people warmly welcomed them. These delegates were very impressed, seeing the diversity of our country and our vibrant democracy. They also realized that there are so many possibilities in India.

Friends, Our Presidency of the G-20 is a People’s Presidency, in which the spirit of public participation is at the forefront. Among the eleven Engagement Groups of G-20, Academia, Civil Society, Youth, Women, our Parliamentarians, Entrepreneurs and people associated with Urban Administration played an important role. In one way or the other, more than 1.5 crore people are associated with the events being organized across the country regarding this. In this effort of ours for public participation, not just one, but two world records have also been created. The participation of 1.25 lakh students from 800 schools in the G-20 Quiz held in Varanasi became a new world record. At the same time, the Lambani artisans also did wonders. 450 artisans have showcased their skill and craftsmanship by creating an amazing collection of around 1800 Unique Patches. Every representative who came to the G-20 was amazed to see the artistic diversity of our country. One such grand program was organized in Surat. 15,000 women from 15 states participated in the ‘Saree Walkathon’ held there. This program not only gave a boost to Surat’s Textile Industry, ‘Vocal for Local’ also got a fillip and also paved the way for Local to become Global.”