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Varanasi, December 22

Prime Minister Narendra Modi faced  an embarrassing  situation in his  constituency when a youth hurled a pamphlet toward him asking him  to  admit  that he was not welcome there.

This incident took wind off  of the  security apparatus guarding the Prime Minister .

The pamphlet also listed the harassment  of the  people at the hands of bank officials due to demonetization announced by Modi on November 8, which has caused a great inconvenience to the common man across the country. The rural India has been the worst hit.

This is the first such incident in which public anger in  the form of pamphlet has been  displayed toward Prime Minister .

The incident took place around noon in Kabir Nagar locality of the ancient temple town where the PM had paid a brief visit to inspect the laying of underground electricity cables and installation of heritage streetlights and special lighting arrangements for heritage buildings.

Hundreds of people were standing on both sides of the otherwise busy road which had been cordoned-off in view of the VVIP movement in the city.

One of the onlookers, who appeared to be in his 20s and wearing a muffler wrapped around his head like a turban, threw the pamphlet in the direction of the fleet while it was passing through.

Alarmed policemen, rushed to catch hold of him but he managed to flee.

Screenshots of the pamphlet became viral on the social media in which the person has described himself as “Abhinav Tripathi, a social worker” and asked PM Modi to “acknowledge that your visit to Kashi is being opposed”.

Tripathi had alleged “harassment of poor residents of Kashi at the hands of bank officials, lack of action against criminals controlling temples, mosques, churches and gurudwaras, appointment of people with dubious character to key posts by the Vice Chancellor of Benares Hindu University and no jobs for the youth here despite announcement of schemes worth billions among others”.

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