J K News Today

Jammu , August 11:

The Centre is exploring a possibility of setting up a political advisory council in J&K to assist the Lieutenant Governor  Manoj Sinha  in  governing Jammu and Kashmir  staring at the never-seen before  vacuum .

The nitty-gritty of the political  advisory council is being worked out in consultation with the political groups of consequence who believe in the politics of realism , sources in the Central government said.

This idea was mooted long back, but shelved as the G C Murmu administration that took over with the inauguration of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir on  October 31 last year was too bureaucratic and had very limited political interaction and the feedback from the ground.

However, the idea has been revived with the arrival of Manoj Sinha as successor of Murmu. The new L G who took over on August 7  is a politician of many seasons He knows the importance of the connectivity with the people through political mechanism .

It is also understood that the Centre had sent him  to revive the political activities in J&K  where there was absence of political activity , the kind of which was not seen even during 1990s  when militancy was at its peak .

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home  Minister Amit Shah , sources said, have felt the need of the political inputs  and operational political system  before the Assembly elections so that the revival of the political process starts on solid foundations  which have been disturbed in an unrecognizable fashion by  the measures  after  the political leadership and cadre were pushed to backseat by the bureaucratic system.

Sources said that the rough sketch of the political advisory council  shows representatives  of  all political parties, BJP, Apni Party, Congress and National Conference, as PM is keen to give due representation to all the parties in the Council.

This sketch would be given a final shape after  Manoj Sinha  meets PM and H M .