Binoo Joshi

The political war  between BJP and the rest over the nature of  Indian army’s  September 29th surgical strikes at the terrorist camps in Pakistan occupied Kashmir has given a handle  to the  anti-India elements in Kashmir .

Perhaps  Congress  vice president Rahul Gandhi  and  Delhi Chief Minister  Arvind Kejriwal  are unaware  that their semantics , in whatever form   those are articulated ,  provide a fodder to separatists and the fifth  columnists in the Valley.

Surgical strike is not  a war movie .  It has its own rules, secrecy being the prime factor  and those are not to be shared  for the simple reason that such   revelations blow the lid off the  tactics and strategy employed  to conduct these high-risk operations. More than quenching the thirst for information  in this know-all-age , there always is a grave risk of running into trouble in future. It takes time and a great deal to devise a particular strategy .

There is no question that  India should oblige Pakistan by making the footage of the operation public.  Why Arvind Kejriwal is becoming a party  to Pakistan’s clamour for the evidence of the surgical strikes,. It is equally incomprehensible when  Congress leaders  particularly  P Chidambaram, who was a disaster as Home Minister in the UPA government , speak in the similar language .

The political parties and leaders  are within   their right to question the government. After all, these surgical strikes which hit Pakistan  badly, otherwise it would not have convened joint session of its Parliament, as BJP chief Amit Shah ponied out ,  were given green signal by  the Narendra Modi government.  Their concern that such an act or claim of it, has escalated tensions between India and Pakistan , too cannot be  dismissed  for the situation on the borders is very tense.. A fear psychosis has gripped the border residents all across the border states.

BJP committed a cardinal political sin by advertising the army’s act across the border as  something of its own . The BJP, as a political party, should have  kept itself  confined to  complimenting  the soldiers.  It is also not within the parameters of  the ruling party to define  the kind of response Pakistan would get in the eventuality of any  misadventure.  It was not a BJP operation .

The political dynamics of BJP owning something or chest thumping  has its own consequences within the country and  outside of it.  The party should not lose  sight of the fact that it is viewed in the world  as right wing Hindu group.  The tag of extremism automatically gets stuck to it .

It should have learnt something from  Atal Behari Vajpayee’s  composure  during Kargil conflict. There was no chest beating because despite having recaptured the Kargil heights, the  Indian army had lost soldiers . Recapturing Kargil heights  was not  a victory  in the real sense of the word, it was defat of Pakistan’s designs to stay put in the heights and cut off the life line to  crucial  Siachen glacier and  Leh ,where  India has borders with  Pakistan and China .  Vacation of the Indian territory  was sacred duty of  the nation , and it accomplished  that task with finesse , but with more than 500 soldiers had to sacrifice their lives for that.

The September 29th surgical strikes  had  a backdrop. There was no plan of striking the terror hubs in PoK before the September 18th attack on Uri army base in which  19 soldiers   lost their lives. A message had to be sent to Pakistan and that the Indian army did . It was at best a revenge attack, not the victory in war against terror . The terror attacks have taken place  post 29/9 , too.

Situation needs to be understood . Kashmir is in turmoil . The anti-India sentiment is oozing out in streets . The political fight over the surgical strikes is only helping enemies within the nation  as also giving a propaganda tool to Pakistan. Kashmiri separatists are relishing this.