New Delhi, February 22:

Taking a jibe at the Central government over rising fuel prices, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Monday said that the Union government is doing a great job of emptying public pocket and giving it to ‘friends’ for free.

“While re-filling oil in the car on the petrol pump, when you look at the fast-rising meter, must remember that the price of crude oil has not increased, but it has decreased. Petrol is Rs 100/liter. The Modi government is doing a great job of emptying your pockets and giving it to ‘friends’ for free!” the Congress leader tweeted.

This comes as the prices of petrol and diesel are increasing continuously for several days and in some states, the price of petrol has even crossed Rs 100 mark.

Earlier on Sunday, Congress interim President Sonia Gandhi wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to convey “every citizen’s anguish and deep distress regarding the spiralling fuel and gas prices.”

Union Petroleum and Natural Gas and Steel Minister Dharmendra Pradhan on Sunday had termed “less fuel production by manufacturing countries to gain more profit”, as one of the reasons behind the price hike.

Opposition parties also held protests in different parts of the country over the rise of prices of diesel and petrol.