J K News Today

Jammu, October 22:

J&K BJP unit president Ravinder Raina on Thursday said that the October22, 1947 , is the “ black day” in the history of Jammu and Kashmir when Pakistan army and its tribesmen killed thousands of innocent people of minorities , raped the women and their barbarism did not spare even the kids.

In a statement to J K News Today, Ravinder Raina who is a vocal critic of Pakistan and its terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir , said that there could have been no definition of this day except the black day for it was the darkest chapter in the history of the subcontinent.

“ Pakistan’s army and tribesmen looted and plundered everything that came their way in now Pakistan occupied Kashmir , they did not spare even kids of the minorities who were the primary target of the raiders. Their sole purpose was getting the areas that now lie on the other side of the LoC free of minorities , and for that they used all the tools of terror-killings, rapes, loot and plunder of which there is no parallel in the history of the subcontinent.”

“ They behaved worse than beasts,” Raina said .

He complimented Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha for officially calling it “ black day”. This shows that the L G understands Kashmir and the pain that the minorities suffered at the hands of the brutal forces of Pakistan.

Raina had a jibe at the leaders in Kashmir who never observed this day as black day .” That shows that how they were in league with the brutal forces of Pakistan from the day one. I ask, where are the leaders who tweet day and night on all subjects from Bihar to Maharashtra , there was not a single tweet from them on this black day. This speaks volumes what is their inner self.,” the BJP leader said.