Rohangyas: Refugees or deliberate plan to change demography of Jammu

JK News Today

Jammu, December 29

Rohangya Muslims, ‘unwanted’ in their native Myanmar are entering Jammu and Kashmir in large numbers in recent past which has created a major  challenge for security agencies.

There is also resentment brewing among the people in Jammu who fear that there is deliberate plan of some organizations and radical elements to change the demography of region.

It is estimated there are more than 10,000 Rohingyas  living in makeshift slum colonies in different parts of Jammu, mostly working as rag pickers and labourers. However they prefer not to talk about how they came to the state and who helped them here.


“We are receiving help from local people in Jammu in settlement. After the recent fire which burnt down our colony, several people and organizations provided us with cash assistance”, said Zaif Hussain, a Rohangya refugee.

In many cases they project themselves from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh to get petty jobs for survival. At times some religious organisations from Kashmir collect donations for them but do not allow them to settle in Valley.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) president, Rakesh Gupta said that influx of Rohangyas is cause of worry. “At a time when state subject laws are being evoked to deny Indian citizens which include West Pakistan refugees their rights, why are Burmese nationals are being settled in Jammu only”, said Gupta.

Gupta said that why Kashmir Valley does not allow Rohangyas to settle there and administration should take steps to prevent  entry in the state.


Sources said that Intelligence Bureau (IB) and CID aware about the influx of these refugees but instead of taking steps for their repatriation, state government is overlooking the issue.

SP (South) Shahzad Salaria said that police is keeping track on the Burmese nationals. “However decision on them has to be taken by the state and central government”, Salaria said.

Bathindi, Narwal, Channi in Jammu is home to the highest number of Rohingya migrants — 686 while thousands others live in different parts of Jammu.

BJP state president Sat Sharma said that these refugees have cards issued by UN refugee agency and government will take a suitable decision to stop the illegal influx.

“Those who have cards are living in Jammu but without cards people will not be allowed to enter. We are also quite concerned about their influx”, said Sat Sharma.

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