J K News Today


Jammu, November 16

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat has expressed deep concern  over the deteriorating state of affairs in Jammu and Kashmir  and suggested some drastic corrective measures to put the state back on the track.

Bhagawat who concluded his two-day visit of Jammu on  Monday  was not only unhappy  with the  things in Kashmir, where  he believed that the “anti-national elements” have been allowed to grow unchecked  but also annoyed with the state’s BJP leadership that failed to stand up for  its ideology and the nationalist commitments, according to sources privy to his deliberations with  civil society.

The feedback from the  ground reverberated with  highly disturbing features on the political and law and order situation landscape all across the state. “ More disturbing  for him was the fact that apart from the Valley slipping out of the perceived nationalist cult , the hilly areas in  Jammu  were  adopting the anti-national culture as a new brand of their identity,” a source told JK News Today (jknewstoday.com).


It is all the result of the mal-governance and  joining of hands   by all the anti-nationalist forces within  Kashmir and parts of Jammu. The youth have  sided with them because the government of the day, following the footsteps of the previous governments, failed to address their  grievances. “ It seems that the situation is very grave,” Bhagwat is reported to have shared his  assessment of the situation during a meeting with some of the RSS leaders  here before  returning from Jammu.

He has  asked the Centre in his assessment to “ wake up to the reality of the things slipping out of hand in Jammu and Kashmir,” and also demanded that the soldiers  laying their lives in the line of duty should be respected.. The situation requires immediate surgery  in  the state .  Otherwise this cancer is  spreading fast, he  is reported to have stated..