J K News Today

New Delhi, August 6:

 Supreme Court on Monday adjourned  hearing on Article 35 A  that confers special rights and privileges on the permanent residents of Jammu and Kashmir till  the week beginning August 27taking in view the request of both the Centre and the J&K government to defer .

Chief Justice Dipak Misra said that the matter would also be decided whether the matter be referred to the Constitution  bank  in view of the points raised by the sides involved in the case.

The Article 35 A that  grants permanent  and exclusive rights to the natives of Jammu and Kashmir to buy and own immovable property , secure government jobs and scholarships in the State  has been challenged by a NGO , “ We, the Citizens”. The challenging group has observed that the J&K residents have all the rights in the rest of the country, but the Indian citizens  living in the rest of the country have no such rights in Jammu and Kashmir.

“ It is a violation of the fundamental rights  of the Indian citizens.”

The Centre yet again took the plea that  a special representative of the Government of India Dineshwar Sharma  is still engaged in the talks with the stakeholders in Jammu and Kashmir to straighten the knots of the conflict, while State pleaded that the adjournment was needed in view of the preparations of the  upcoming urban local bodies and panchayat elections.

The ULB and Panchayat elections will take off from  next month.

Kashmir Valley has been observing the shutdown for the past two days to ave the safeguards in the Constitution of India that it claimed was a matter of life and death for the Kashmiris who fear an assault on their  identity and econmy.