JK News Today Commentary


A lot of anti-India tirade is going on in Chinese and Pakistani media and its think tanks on two issues; one ,  the stand-off between PLA  and the Indian troops in eastern Ladakh . Second, the revocation of special status of Jammu and Kashmir and its split into two Union Territories last year.

This is understandable. China thinks that its military power at display in Ladakh that has made India to respond with more troops and more tanks and war-material has  tied the Indian army, thus cutting its edge over Pakistan . And Pakistan is of the view that with China at LAC, it can heighten the tensions on the LoC. It is hoping that its anti-August 5, 2019 , decisions of the Centre , could fructify . It seems that Pakistan has no other issue but the  Kashmir issue.

Everyone in the region is aware that China and Pakistan are all-weather friends . Both support each other. Now they have devised a combined strategy to  have more troops on the borders and back it up with a narrative that India is caught in a situation where it cannot find any answer to the offensives that it faces on the borders.

India is being taunted  that its economy is in decline, and it is witnessing second largest number of Covid-19 cases  in the World after the US, and it has no capacity to take on China or Pakistan or both , because in any case Beijing and Islamabad will join hands against India.

If studied carefully , there is nothing new in it .This is Beijing-Islamabad combined strategy to mount a challenge to psyche of confidence of the people of India in their armed forces  and the government. This tirade can be traced  to the days when the Chinese found that the Indian soldiers were unafraid of taking on higher number of PLA troops whether in Galwan Valley or Pangong Tso . This  has rattled the nerves of both China and Pakistan. They are trying to hide their own weaknesses.

One of the major points of their combined offensive is that India’s relations with its neighbours, China, Pakistan, Nepal, are in a state of deterioration. It is being amplified with most of the half-truths that India is trapped in a hostile atmosphere in its neighbourhood. Simultaneously, it is being warned that in the eventuality of a two-front war, India would not get support from  any western country , except for some weapons , that, too, on conditions.

Even if  this half-truth is to be taken as an argument, what is the position of China . It is  engaged in a war with itself with its minorities, Tibet, Hong Kong are  boiling and there is a running dispute with Mongolia , and it is in conflict with Japan , apart from complications that it has created in south China sea. These are  just few of the examples .

And, for Pakistan , let it explain how it is treating the people in Gilgit-Baltistan, Balochistan and how Pashtun movement is being spread. Thousands have disappeared , and there is no word about them.

Pakistan is having its troubled relationship with Iran and Afghanistan and its relations with some of the Islamic countries, particularly Saudi Arabia and UAE have nosedived .

Perhaps China is  frozen in 1962 timeframe . Times have changed . It must recognise, and so must Pakistan . The world  is  different today. It is essentially the fear psyche of China and Pakistan speaking in consonance , nothing else, but there is no room for India to be complacent.