JK News Today
Srinagar, March 14:

The summer capital city of Srinagar will soon have 100 toilets convenience as it is feeling the pinch of lack of public convenience facilities despite being a tourist city.

Srinagar city is the hub of tourism in the Valley and most of the tourists stay in the city as they enjoy shimmering waters of Dal lake and unparalleled beauty of Mughal gardens.

Realising that the absence of toilets was hurting the image of city, Srinagar Municipal Corporation Mayor Junaid Azim Mattu announced construction of 100 toilets in the city .

He said “ we are a tourist city
without adequate public toilets and conveniences. That is something we need to accept and admit and then resolve this issue. “

Then he went on to announce , “ I have proposed the construction of at least
100 public toilets and conveniences in Srinagar – with a maintenance mechanism.”