Binoo Joshi

Let’s trust the word of  Ram Madhav  the main who stitched the  BJP-PDP alliance in 2015 and announced its demise on Tuesday .

Two things were clear from what he told media in New Delhi yesterday that  national integrity and security in which J&K  figures as an integral part of India  were the objectives behind the  BJP deciding to pull out of the Mehbooba Mufti-lead coalition government . It implied that there were threats emerging to the concept of the national integrity  and security in the existing set up .

This was an indictment of the PDP  and its leaders, some of whom had become an echo chamber of  separatists . They were not willing to call themselves as Indians, until it suited them . Some of them never unfurled the national tricolor  on the national festivals , thus showing their loyalties to those who did not believe in the sanctity and dignity of the national trivolour..

Now what Ram Madhav said  will be judged on the ground that how the terrorism would be neutralized in J&K , and what would be the means  adopted for the deradalising the radical minds . BJP would have to live  up to its word .

Something that the BJP needs to do , and it is hoped that it would,  to germinate  a sense  of Indian nationhood and love for it in the Valley . It is not an easy task given the  hate-India atmosphere that has filled the minds in the Valley where everything Indian is seen  as unwelcome, including the development . The opening of new medical colleges, infrastructure and educational institutions  sponsored and set by  the Centre were decried as  “ symbols of  colonization.”

This was creating a serious situation  for one and all in the country . The Indian currency was used to strengthen the anti-India  ideology, duly supported by Pakistan and its militant outfits in Kashmir . The answer to this problem had to be good governance and the political initiatives at the local level , instead there were voices  in the PDP that supplemented the  secessionist agenda .

PDP, as such was playing this game for twin reasons- one to show that  though it was an ally of the BJP but distanced  from it and its nationalistic ideology ,  second it was preserving its core constituency .

BJP has  come out of the government and the coalition government has fallen , the party will have to work to rise above its political considerations and work for the development on two fronts – to give a feeling  to the people that India cares for them and their governance needs . At the same time , it would be in fitness of things if uses education and other subtle means to spread the nationalist ideology in J&K.