Chitradurga (Karna), April 9:

Asserting a strong government at the Centre was imperative for a strong India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Tuesday said the Balakot air strikes have created a fear among the terrorists and those in power in Pakistan were getting nightmares.

Addressing an election rally here, Modi attacked the ruling Congress-JDS combine in Karnataka saying when the whole world stood with India in the aftermath of the airstrikes, the two parties were in tears.

Greeting first time voters across the country, he asked them to vote after thinking, to bring a strong government in the country.

“You can dedicate your first votes to brave soldiers who laid down their lives for the country, for getting house to a poor, for free healthcare for poor, for getting water to farmers land. your first vote should go for getting Mudra loanto some one who may be friend of yours,” he added.

He said in this Lok Sabha elections people have to choose not only an MP or Prime Minister, but a strong government for a strong India. “Only a strong government can take firm decisions for the benefit of the country.”

Citing how a strong government functions, Modi referred to the Balakot air strike in response to the Pulwama terror strike that claimed the lives of 40 CRPF Jawans in Jammu and Kashmir.

“There was a time five years ago, when Pakistan’s terrorists used to attack us and Pakistan used to threaten us.

Our brave soldiers used to seek permission for action, but the government then sat in fear.”

“This Chowkidar (watchman) has changed the situation. Now if thereis fear, it is on the other side of the border.

People sittingin power there are getting different types of nightmares…terrorists are frightened after Balakot attack,” he said.

Devoting a significant part of his speech to national security, he asked the crowd, “when we attacked Pakistan’s terroristsdid you like it or not? Are you happy? Did I do right?” to which it roared in approval.

“When we attacked terrorists it pained Pakistan, but tears could be seen among those in Congress and JD(S),” Modi said.

He said the whole world stood with India, but “our Mahamilavati dal here” (Congress-JDS), was condemning Modi instead of Pakistan.

“The Chief Minister (H D Kumarawamy) here went a step ahead and said the bravery of Indian soldiers should not be spoken, because it will affect their vote bank….

“I want to ask the Chief Minister whether his vote bankis in India or in Pakistan? Chief Minister should clarify on this,” Modi said.

He said the opposition also made fun of India’sA-SAT (anti-satellite test) “Mission Shakti” on March 27 that put the country as a space power on par with the United States, Russia and China.

“They also made fun of strike in the space, like they did with (Balakot) air strike. Whole world agreed that India has made an achievement relating to space, but in their habit of opposing Modi, they are opposing India,” he said.

The Prime Minister said these people while in power did not have the ‘courage’ of permitting scientists to conduct missile tests. But now when India conducted space strike, they were the first in raising questions on it, he added.

“These people don’t respect jawans, nor science. Those who don’t care about India’s pride, it is necessary to teach them a lesson,” he said.

Modi piched for electing a “strong” government at the Centre and not a “mahamilavat (highly adulterated)” dispensation whose remote control would be in the hands of a dozen people.

He lashed out at the Congress-JDS government in Karnataka charging it with having come together for the sake of ‘power’ and to serve self-interests.

The Prime Minister said the same would be replicated if the “Mahamilavat” came to power, deriding the anti-BJP “grand alliance” of opposition parties.

Modi said nobody knew who was running the government in Karnataka, apparently projecting the frequent frictions between the two coalition partners which is also getting reflected in the Lok Sabha polls despite an electoral pact.

“Their complete effort is towards installing a similar Mahamilavati sarkar in Delhi, and its remote control is in the hands of a dozen people. Do you want such a government or a strong government?” the Prime Minister asked the crowd.

The country should have a Prime Minister whose high command was only 130 crore people of the country, he said.

Hitting out at the Congress JD(S) for not fulfilling loan waiver promise, he alleged leave alone waiver they were issuing arrest warrant to farmers.

“Whether it is farmer or war, Congress JD(S) does not want to do good to anybody, as their intention itself is not good,” Modi said.

He claimed injustice had been done the country during decades of Congress rule which “every Indian should remember always.”

In the last five years, the BJP led NDA government has put in efforts to “reduce this injustice Now the time has come to give justice to country that was affected by Congress rule should those who did injustice for 60 years be punished or not?, he asked.

“It is certain that justice will be done to those who were involved in Bofors scam, in National Herald scam, those involved in Sikh riots, also those involved in Commonwealth scam, 2G, Coal, loan waiver scam,” he said, apparently attacking the Congress.

Those who made billions ofrupees of corruption for their families through these scamswill certainly be brought to justice. “Also to those involved in helicopter scam. Jail doors are waiting,” he said.

Congress that imposed its corrupt culture on the country in 20th century, now that Congress will be punished by youths of 21st century,” he said.